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5 Tips for Successful online Writing job

Online writing jobs

Find the right job Provider

My passion for Online writing jobs was dormant as I had a successful business. Though it was a small business, I was happy with the work and the money I earned. Initially I had put up a lot of struggle to make the business successful. Then I started getting more and more clients and I had to spend more time on work. I was working for almost 14 hours a day. After a few years, I started developing frustration and wanted to escape from the work. Finally, I was lucky enough to get an opportunity to say goodbye to my business.

The thought of having all the time to myself, doing what I wanted, wasting time as I wanted was all something like a dream come true. I enjoyed my new found freedom thoroughly. After a few days, I started getting bored as it was too much of freedom and no work at all. My frustration started increasing and then I again changed and started looking for a job. This time, I was looking for a job which had the flexibility, money and work!  I was sure I wanted to take up some freelancing jobs. But how and where were the main questions. My search of online writing job gave me success after facing some initial setbacks. I am sure many are looking for online jobs like me and hence I thought, let me share my experience so that others will save the time and their hard work.

  • Find out what your skills are. Like I had a passion for writing, and my favorite subjects were social issues, health issues and general subjects. Likewise, do a self-evaluation about what is your skill and what is your specialization.
  • Find out the right platform: There are thousands of platforms offering online writing jobs. Find out the genuine platforms which have long standing and are well established. You can check their reviews to get more information. Only after you are sure of not being cheated register yourself.
  • Prepare a profile of yourself: Your profile is the first interactive face between you and your client. Make a professional profile and attach a sample of your work. Be genuine while attaching a sample. Let it be your original work so that the employer will get the right information about your abilities and skills.
  • Before jumping into big projects, try with a small work. Many fraudulent people are here and the chances of you getting cheated is very bright. To prevent this, start with a small work. Check the client reviews, his payment history, how established he is with the site and so on. Some sites offer milestone payment wherein the client will deposit the money with the host and on your successful completion of the work, you will get paid. This is the best option one can get initially. However, you may have to take some small risks initially to get established.
  • Hone your writing skills continuously. Reading and reading and reading is the best way of improving your writing skills. Reading books, magazines, newspaper and anything that you can lay your hand on enables you to gather knowledge and also improves your vocabulary. This in turn will help you write better articles.

Freelancing is the latest trend

There are many platforms which are genuine and even more number of fake platforms are also there. Try to gather information from a known person who is doing freelancing job. Platform and client both should be picked carefully. I was lucky to get good clients and am happy with my choice of online writing job I chose. With you all the same.

If you need any further information and guidance, do contact us. Also note that we ourselves offer writing jobs for the right candidates.

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