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Who will be the Chief Minister?

Indian Politics

The aftermath of Maharashtra and Haryana have raised this question, who will be the Chief Minister.

In Haryana Bharatiya Janata Party has secured a simple majority and is ready to form the Government. But before that, the Chief Minister candidate has to be finalized. There are five aspirants for the post, each has a valid eligibility criteria. The BJP has to weigh the points in favour of each candidate and give out the final name.

Who is Lucky?

Maharashtra scenario is little more complicated as BJP needs support to form the Government. Though BJP has emerged as the largest party, the magic number is not achieved to form the Government. They have to make an alliance with Shiv Sena or NCP to achieve the majority and form the Government. When alliance made, the supporting will have their demands. Considering this a candidate for the Chief Minister post has to be finalized. A neutral candidate, who has a cordial relationship with both the parties has to be found out.

With many aspirants eyeing the chair in both the states, it is not an easy decision for the party leaders. Talks are going on and everyone is keeping their fingers crossed to know who will be adorning the chair of the Chief Minister in Haryana and Maharashtra. The result will be out soon! We have to wait and watch!

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