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Top 5 Dream Roads a True Indian Biker Should not miss

Old silk route sikkim

India has its fair share of enchanting journeys for adventurous bikers which promise to thrill as well as mesmerize the rider with all they have to offer. Here is a list of the cream from the lot – Top 5 Dream Roads, which every biker must try:

 Old Silk Route

 Old silk route sikkim

A network of roads running from Sikkim and continuing into China, the Old Silk Route came into existence in the 16th-17th century as a trade route between nations for goods like silk, thus giving it its name. However, it is now one of the biggest tourist attractions of the state of Sikkim. Countless bikers travel to the state to experience the spell-binding views of the route with the roads snaking around hills covered with healthy green foliage as well as snow and the clear, serene waters of the Nathula Lake.

 Leh-Manali Road

Leh manali road

Arguably the place that pops up in a biker’s mind as soon as he thinks of a road trip; and it is worth every bit of the hype. Starting from Chandigarh or even Delhi, the journey to Leh is the most sought out road trip by any and every biker. The change of colors gives quite a scenic contrast to the mountains. The roads are accompanied by deep valleys that are on the greener side for the first half of the journey and then turn into the milky white of snow, and the clear skies of Ladakh make one’s surroundings look better than a work of art.

 Chennai-Pondicherry Road

 chennai pondicherry road

A route that provides the very essence of riding, this is a route which is as smooth as an expressway and yet at times tricks as a mountain road. But the sea view that continues along with the road is the true accolade to this route. A laid back journey with the sea breeze gently ambling through the air makes it a journey to remember.


 NH 212

Running from Kozhikode in Kerala to Kollegal in Karnataka, National Highway 212 is a route that has in store a truly picturesque journey for riders. The route goes through the Bandipur tiger reserve in Karnataka, and one can even expect an encounter with elephants on their way through the roads protected and beautified by the constant tree cover on the sides.

 Pamban Bridge

Pamban bridge

A 2 kilometer long 100 year old bridge crossing over a river; that in itself is description enough to widen the eyes and prick the ears of all people who ever come across the words Pamban Bridge. It is an important route for the holy pilgrimage to Rameshwaram. The road running along the cantilever bridge is a stretch of gravel that makes you wonder about your place in the world, for there is nothing to see other than the blue of the sea. The bridge is still operational, and is the second oldest of its kind in the country. If you are lucky enough, you might even witness the rail-bridge rise up and give way to a passing ferry boat. All in all, the road running alongside the bridge is not a long route adorned with trees and mountains, but it is a ten minute glimpse into paradise.

All biking enthusiasts, please try these routes. Treading these roads in a group is much more fun than single bikes.

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