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Top 10 Parenting Tips

parenting tips

A baby is described as a bundle of joy. No doubt it is, but this bundle of joy arrives with a horde of responsibilities and commitments. Parenting is not an easy task. It requires a lot of dedication, sacrifice, care and commitment. A child is demanding in different ways at different stages. Parents should be ready to tackle these demands at every stage. They should anticipate the troubles and tackle them before they arrive.

Top Parenting tips that every parent should take of:-

  • parenting tipsWhen going for the shopping either leave your kid at home or keep a vigilant eye on your kid. He may end up getting hurt himself, he may go missing, or do something dangerous.
  • When visiting big malls keep the child with you and do not let him run away from you.
  • While walking on the roads, one may encounter many dangers like street dogs, vehicles, uneven roads, pits on the roads and footpath.
  • Avoid using a mobile phone unless it is urgent when your child is with you. Many accidents have happened because of this habit of over indulgence in mobile phones.
  • Teach your child about ‘good touch’ and ‘bad touch’.
  • Teach your child to be careful about strangers.
  • Have a free conversation with your children of school going age and encourage them to tell any problems they encounter.
  • Be a good listener, do not discourage children from talking about their friends, teachers or school.

We are seeing reports of child abuse in the news channels and media every day, especially on female children. Is it not better to be careful than making a big issue after a mishap has happened?

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