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“The Punjabi Lassi and mango lassi”




Lassi is a traditional Indian drink made out of yoghurt. Traditional lassi is savoury but its sweetened version is particularly famous in Punjab.

So, Lets start making this at home.lassi

Ingredients for making lassi:

Yoghurt 2 cups

Sugar 4-5 tbsp

Elaichi powder 1tsp

Saffron 3-4 strands

Chopped almond 5 gms

Chopped Pistachios 5 gms

Cream from the top of Milk to garnish

Method for preparing lassi:

  1. Take yoghurt in a bowl and beat using a hand blender. Add water if you require it thin or thick as per your requirement.

  2. Add sugar to the bowl and blend till the sugar dissolves.

  3. Add the elaichi powder to the lassi and blend it again.

  4. Half fill a glass with ice and pour the lassi in it. 

  5. Top the lassi with cream from the top of the milk and sprinkle chopped pistachios, almond and saffron on top of it.

  6. To make it look more attractive you can pour rose syrup on the top of the lassi, using the back side of the spoon.

To improvise you can try one more version of it.


Mango Lassi

mango lassi

Ingredients for mango lassi

2 cups of yoghurt

3 tbsp of sugar

Pulp of a mango

1 tsp rose water

Elaichi powder 1 tsp

5 gms Chopped almond5 gms Chopped pistachios

Saffron strands 3-4 nos

Method for preparing mango lassi

  1. Take mango pulp, sugar, rose water in a blender and add a little water and blend till it is fine and smooth.

  2. Add yoghurt to the blender along with elaichi powder and blend till smooth.

  3. Pour the lassi in a glass half full of ice.

  4. Put cream on top of the lassi.

  5. Sprinkle the chopped almond, pistachios and saffron strands on top of the lassi.

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