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Strengthening vote bank with Mobile phones – UPA Strategy

Our Honorable Prime Minister is expected to announce the scheme ‘Har haath mein mobile’ on August 15th during his address to the nation. This scheme is initiated with the aim of providing a mobile handset to about 6 million families, coming under ‘Below Poverty Line’. Not just that, 200 minutes of talk time is also free.

It is nevertheless a gimmick being used to woo the BPL families to strengthen their vote bank. Can anyone imagine that this project is being planned at a cost of Rs. 7,000 Crores.

Is mobile phone a necessity at the moment, when there are

  • Thousands of people do not have access to toilet facilities in rural areas
  • Thousands of children die due to lack of nutritious food.
  • Thousands of children are deprived of education and are working for earning 2 square meals.
  • People walk long distances to find drinking water.


Ignore all this, it is more important to have a mobile phone to talk.  Whether you have a network or not, mobile phones are more important than having all the basic needs to survive – this seems to be the policy of the Government.

Many people are not finding any sense in this scheme except our UPA Government! Are you not finding it fishy?


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