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Share your Travel Experiences and Mouth Watering Recipes with Us……


Traveling is a beautiful experience. It is rejuvenating and revitalizing. Sharing your travel stories not just makes you happy but inspires others. It also provides tips and tools to other people who want to tread the same path, so that they can make their travel merrier. Sounds interesting right? Yes that is what we are inviting you for! Share your travel experiences here through your words and your camera eyes. Let others know about the experiences you had. Realbharat is providing you the platform to showcase your travel stories, grab it before it is late!


This opportunity is not just for travel freaks, you can also share your

recipes with photos and videos teaching how to cook.


Please read our guidelines before you start!

1) Write a travelogue about the place you have visited. Send it to us at amit@realbharat.org and blackbeardgroup@gmail.com

2) Our review panel will review your article and intimate you. Once the article is approved by review panel, it goes for publication. The article will be published under YOUR NAME with a brief introduction about you, thus your writing goes live!

3) Pictures talk more than words. So your articles should be accompanied by photographs you have taken during the trip.

4) The Articles should be ORIGINAL. Should pass through Copyscape, should be free from errors and make an interesting reading. Articles should have around 1000 words with bullet points and sub-headings. Please go through the articles already published on Realbharat to get to know our requirement.

5) For travel articles, please share all relevant information so that a first time traveler can take your article as a guide to visit that place.

6) For recipes, keep in mind you are teaching a new chef and provide all minute details so that they can cook it to perfection at the first instance.


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