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DDLJ Movie – Some Interesting Facts!


Romantic Journey

Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge or DDLJ Movie or Dilwale Film was released almost 20 years back. Till date, the movie is a crowd puller. It is never boring to watch a clipping of the movie, any song or DDLJ full movie.

The film is still running in Maratha Mandir, Mumbai and is about to celebrate its 1000 weeks on the screen. People are still thronging Maratha Mandir to watch the movie. Raj-Simran, the name of the hero and the heroine of the movie has become a synonym of love and nickname of many lovers. There are instances of lovers changing their name to Raj and Simran, which shows the effect the movie has cast on the public. It is a perfectly stitched movie, which can be watched with the family. It is the movie which gave a big break and created a different image of Shah Rukh Khan. It is the movie which gave a strong foothold for Kajol in Bollywood.

There are many interesting facts which are not known to everybody and these facts make you awestruck.

Some interesting information about the DDLJ movie

Best Onscreen Romantic Pair

  • It was not Shah Rukh Khan, who was offered the role of hero first. The role was first offered to Saif Ali Khan, and for some reasons he did not accept that, then it came to Shah Rukh Khan.
  • Shah Rukh Khan was not very comfortable with the role initially. He had played many negative roles and had a different image. He never expected he will fit into the Loverboy role.
  • Raj Malhotra, the name of the hero in the movie was picked after Raj Kapoor, the Legend.
  • Karan Johar made his debut in Bollywood through this movie.
  • The name Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge was selected by Kiran Kher, wife of Anupam Kher.
  • The name came from the first line of the song ‘Le Jayenge, Le Jayenge” from the old movie ‘Chor Machaye Shor’
  • Aditya Chopra had first intended to make this movie in English and had planned to rope in Tom Cruze for the lead role.
  • The movie was planned to be a Love Story across countries with British Boy and Indian Girl.
  • The music for the movie was from Jatin Lalit due and all the seven songs in the movie were super-duper hits.
  • The most popular song ‘Mehandi Laga Ke Rakhna’ was not written for this movie.
  • Mandira Bedi made her debut on the big screen through this movie.
  • The tagline of the movie ‘Come fall in love’ has become a huge hit.
  • The train sequence in the movie has become so popular that, after the movie, most of Shah Rukh’s movies have a train sequence.

Happy Ending

  • The movie is listed in Times of India 25 Must watch Movies List.

DDLJ is such a powerful movie, which has made a strong impression on the people that, even today people are ready to watch Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge full movie. The movie team is gearing up to celebrate the 1000 week screening of the movie, which happens to be on 12th December 2014. The Romantic journey of Dilwale film has been great and it has carved a niche for itself in Indian Movie History.

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