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Rishu Mittal – The Golden Girl waiting to be recognized

Rishu Mittal

Rishu Mittal

Rishu Mittal is an upcoming Boxer who is waiting to be recognized and encouraged. Rishu started boxing at a very tender age and she has already got many accolades to her credit.

Rishu comes from a poor family which is basically from Kaithal in Haryana. Presently she is studying 10th standard in a Government High School. Rishu developed liking for boxing at a very early age and has been practicing constantly. She has lost both her father and mother is living with her brother. The duo are financially ill placed and Rishu has to earn to support her studies and boxing. To support herself, Rishu is working as a maid in some local houses! Her brother who works in a small shop, is not able to help her much as well.

Despite all the odd circumstances Rishu has been facing, her achievements are unparalleled.

  • Won bronze in 2012 and 2013 National Championship
  • Won Gold in the Junior state level Boxing Championship in the 46 kg. category.
  • She has represented Haryana in the National Championship.

The talented girl is awaiting help and patronage from sports enthusiasts and philanthropists. Realbharat request interested people to help her achieve much more, which she can certainly do if given better facilities. We urge the Government of Haryana or Government of India or any Sports Companies or anybody who has a good heart, to help this girl realize her dreams. It is a wonder why nobody has recognized her talent till now, laments her coach Rajinder Singh.

She dreams of representing India in Olympics and winning Gold. Mary Kom has already taken interest in Rishu and has announced her support in every respect. More support and help is needed to get the best out of this budding talent.

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