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Ram Gopal Verma in controversy again?

Ram Gopal Verma

Yes, Ram Gopal Verma in controversy again!

It is always a million dollar question whether movies are ruining the society or are movies depicting the ruined society. Movies are a powerful media and they can cast a lasting impression on any mind. Those involved in movie industry have a responsibility towards the society. Looking at some of the movies and the gimmick they use for publicity, it is disappointing to say that they are delivering the wrong message.

Is this essential?

After seeing Ram Gopal Verma’s Savitri alias Sridevi movie’s poster, one certainly feels that some people in the industry have forgotten their responsibility. The poster shows a young boy ogling at the bare belly of a woman. The movies have already had their contribution to the society in the sense that many teenagers, even before realizing what they are doing, have fallen in love and ruined their lives. What this poster is conveying to the society?

Apart from this RGV is facing the fury of Sridevi about the name of the movie. Many women rights organizations have also recorded their protest against the poster. With many movies creating such controversies, one gets the doubt, are these done purposely? Is this a way of gaining publicity?

Wait and watch.

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