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Rajnath Singh’s Take on Anti-Conversion Law

Rajnath Singh

Rajnath Singh

Rajnath Calls for Debate on Anti-Conversion Law

Home Minister Rajnath Singh called for a debate on the Anti-Conversion law, saying that he believed one could serve people without converting them to their religion. Rajnath spoke in a conference attended by the representatives of different minority communities, highlighting the need for bringing or at least debating on the Anti-Conversion law.

The Home Minister said that this was as much an issue for the public to ponder upon and solve as it was for the government, saying that even society has a responsibility to ensure that the various religious communities in it co-exist peacefully and respect one another. He blasted the idea of converting others in the name of preaching one’s religion, saying it is something that is not the goal of any religion. Stating the fact that the oldest church is in India, and not the UK or USA, the Home Minister said that there should be a sense of security in all sections of society, something that has gone missing since the UPA-led government’s tenure. Rajnath also said that the country should not be molded or changed geographically, stressing upon the need to instill the security into people again, something that he believes the Modi led NDA Government is capable of doing.

Expressing his discontentment over “ghar-wapsi” and “re-conversion”, Rajnath said, in the name of God, that despite the matter being a state subject, he would do everything he could for protecting the minorities.

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