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Top 5 Places to Visit in Jodhpur (in a 1 Day Tour)

Kalyan Lake, Jodhpur

When you are planning to visit Jodhpur, what should you do? You should read about Jodhpur. Find out what to do and what not to do in Jodhpur. Read about places to visit in Jodhpur and their history. Learn about Hotels and culture. But what if you are on a 1 Day tour to Jodhpur?

Visiting more than 25 places (and enjoying at the same time) can’t be done in one day. So I have compiled a list of Five best places to visit in Jodhpur when you have only 1 day to visit it.

I have also mentioned the time taken by every place. So that you can set a time frame in mind. Enjoy 😉

Note from Pankaj: Let’s say you wake up at 7 AM and leave your hotel at 8 AM. Start your journey with…

1. Mehrangarh Fort

Mehrangarh Fort

Mehrangarh Fort

The most of the tourists that come to Jodhpur are after Mehrangarh Fort. It is one of the largest Forts in India. From the hills of the Fort, you can find out the real Jodhpur (and why it is called the Blue City).

The things you will enjoy about Mehrangarh Fort

  • The Flying Fox: Enjoy Jodhpur while flying in a wire slide.
  • Secrets of old Kings and their precious items.
  • Visit to spiritual Chamunda Mata Temple (Jai Mata Di).
  • An opportunity to capture Jodhpur in its natural way.
  • There are many other hills around the Fort. Some are secret places that still most of Jodhpur Locals don’t know. It will be adventurous to find out them.

Time Required: 3-4 Hours

2. Jaswant Thada

Jaswant Thada

Jaswant Thada

Jaswant Thada is a memorial place of Jodhpur Royal Family. It is a piece of art made up of white Marble. The architecture itself makes it worth visiting.

The things you will enjoy about Jaswant Thada

  • Its white Marble Architecture
  • The chain of Royal Dynasty shown in it.
  • A great natural instant-get-sleepy garden.
  • Hills near it. Some are again secrets.
  • A 360-degree look of full Jodhpur. Capture it!

Time Required: 1-2 Hours

Note From Pankaj: After visiting Jaswant Thada time will be around 12 to 1 PM, so you can have some lunch and relax for some time at this point. A great idea will be to do it in Jaswant Thada Garden 😉

3. Ghanta Ghar and Sardar Market

Ghanta Ghar

Ghanta Ghar

It is a clock tower. It is located in the Sardar Market. This market is trusted by Tourists as well as Locals. You will find traditional items here.

It is also a way to find out about businesses of Jodhpur and accent of Jodhpur people. You will network with many people by this way.

The things you will enjoy here are:

  • A vast market for opportunities and items.
  • Tasty Restaurants and Juice Corners in it.
  • Unique items that you can only buy here. Ideal for tour-gifts to give your family members.
  • The photographers who love to capture people will be blessed here.

Time Required: 2-3 Hours OR may be little more

4. Kaylana Lake, Siddhanth Shiv Temple, and Machiya Safari Park

Kalyan Lake

Kalyan Lake

Kaylana lake is a great lake in Jodhpur. Most of the Jodhpur receives drinking water from this lake.

Siddhanth Shiv temple is a temple located on the hills near Kaylana Lake. It is a great place to visit. Many national documentaries have featured this temple.

Machiya Safari Park is a new gift for tourists. It is scheduled to open from January 2016. Watch animals in their natural state. Children will love it especially.

The things you will enjoy here are:

  • Boating experience in the Kaylana Lake is never-forgettable. Hire a boat and go!
  • You can swim if you like to. Keep risks in mind though.
  • In rainy season this place is a first-to-go place.
  • Siddhanth Shiv temple is on hills. You will get a clear view of the natural beauty of Jodhpur and Machiya Safari Park (which is nearby to it).
  • At the time of writing this article, Machya Safari Park has not opened yet. But I have visited it 4-5 times at the time construction was going on. I can safely say that it will be something most of Jodhpur people and tourists might not have seen yet.

Time Required: 4-5 Hours (depends which of the these you visit)

5. Arna Jharna: The Desert Museum of Rajasthan

Arna Jharna is a new approach to old boring museums. I myself love it, so will you. It is good if you want to learn about the old way of Jodhpur.

  • School going children will love it. Opportunity for schools to visit for educational tours.
  • Photographers will rock here. Click and Capture everything!
  • Experience the life of a village.
  • They have some rare species of bushes. By the way, I was thrilled to find a bush named “Google”. Not Google search engine, but google tree 🙂

Time Required: 3-4 Hours

Here is what to do next…

So, you now know how to structure your Jodhpur tour. What to do and what not to.

It was for people who have 1 day to visit Jodhpur.

Thanks for stopping by and reading it. I hope it helps you.


Pankaj Solanki

PS: I am open to questions and you can ask one in the comments section.

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