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Modi’s First Year at the Office

Narendra Modi

Modi’s First Year at the Office

In the central elections in May, 2014, BJP made a complete swoop of the polls, winning by the biggest margins over a long time. The nation gave their approval to Modi, putting him on the helm of things for five years. Here’s a look at the first year of Modi led NDA government’s rule.

Narendra Modi has always made it clear that he sees India as a superpower in waiting, and that obstacles like lack of jobs are what is keeping the nation in shackles. He vowed to break those shackles and put India on the path of realizing its true potential. However, people have been quick to criticise the leader for failing to bring about the “Achche Din” in the first year of his rule. On the up side, the price inflation has been lowered, the currency is stable, and the growth rate has exceeded that of China. However, the Prime Minister has faced a lot of criticism for his visits abroad to improve international ties. Narendra Modi completed 52 days overseas in 18 countries in the first year, and that has led to people calling him negligent towards the needs of the nation. His policy on land acquisition have been bashed by many, saying that land for infrastructure development should not come at the expense of the farmers of the nation. Opposition leaders say he is working solely for the benefit of the corporate sector.

Overall, Modi’s first year at the office can be considered as a slow start to something big. He has focused on improving the nation’s international standing and tackling small problems in the past year in order to provide a firm base. However, his power at the centre is not guaranteed forever, and people expect him to be true to his sayings and eradicate the many problems of the nation well within his five year tenure.

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