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Medical tourism India- a new phenomenon!

medical tourism india

medical tourism indiaForeigners are not only now seen near historical monuments but are also seen frequenting hospitals!!

Research and Development are breaking new grounds in India. Travel industry in India  needs no impetus but with great advancements in the field of science and medicine, there is boom in medical tourism India. There are several contributing factors to this upcoming trend-
Cost effectiveness of healthcare tourism in India

With stringent rules guarding the health rights of the patients nationally, the modern India is a far cry from the old India. Now, services are top-notch, at par and tad inexpensive. The western countries continue to provide medical services at killing prices and this works well for India.
The hospitality industry in India spanning hospitals too-

India fosters hospitality and therefore with a workforce of much trained nurses and health technicians, people get medical help comfortably and sometimes quite luxuriously! Suites facilitating patients and their close ones are comparable to 5 star standards.
Superior medical treatment in India-

India has always produced geniuses and some headed to west for better career opportunities but with the changing face of the nation, doctors now prefer to be in the country and make their names. People therefore, do come to India for better medical treatment.
Easy availability of medical and related services-

In a country of billions, it is understandable that there are good and bad hospitals in almost every nook and corner. Specialization in various medicinal fields and designated doctors attract people from far and wide. Sadly, poverty in some sections of India leads to organ donations which make it easier for people to come here and get their transplants done cheaply.
Exotic tourism of India-

India has always been considered very exotic and vibrant. Who would not want to kill two birds with one stone? When the patients head here; if their medical state is not too serious, they understandably include some sightseeing too. This gives them some valuable memoirs to take home in their difficult times.
Alternative Therapies found exclusively in India-

Yoga, Mysticism, Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Naturopathy, Tantric, Astrology, name it and you will get it. It is a Pandora box of solutions when it comes to treatments in India. You just need to have faith and miracles are waiting to happen!
Medical tourism India is the new in-thing! Giving its share of profit to the economy, it is very flattering for us. Yet, patients are hardly discriminated according to nation or nationalities and hence irrespectively, hospitals in India continue to cater to diverse patients and diverse medical problems.

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