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Mangal Pandey – The Hero of the Indian History

mangal pandey

mangal pandey

Mangal Pandey

When we think about the freedom fighters who struggled too hard for India, we just can’t escape from thinking about the Sepoy Mutiny. Obviously, the Sepoy Mutiny means Mangal Pandey. Mangal Pandey, a heroic personality who sacrificed his life for the independence of the country, played a key role in the massive revolt Sepoy Mutiny in the year 1857, which, unfortunately,  costed his life.

Early Life

This warrior was born in a small village called Nagwa, in the state of Uttar Pradesh in a traditional Hindu Brahmin Family in the year 1827. When he turned 22, he joined the British army as a soldier in the 34th Bengal native Infantry, British East India Company. There is no pertinent information available about Pandey’s childhood. In spite of the aggression and fire that ran all over him for India’s freedom, he was totally religious. Born into a traditional family, he was very religious and devotional, strictly adhered to all religious traditions.

Mangal Pandey – The First Man to fight for Independent India

He was known for his rebellion against the British regiment officers.  The name Mangal Pandey got engraved in the Indian History after the Senior British Officers were attacked. This incident is well-remembered as the Sepoy Mutiny, otherwise, got etched as the First War of Indian Independence. The warrior Pandey set the path to set India free.

What led him to rebel against the British?

An incident forced Mangal Pandey to rebel against British! A new rifle cartridge was introduced in the Bengal Army in the year 1857. It was rumored that the cartridge was greased with cow fat and pig fat. Unfortunately, the soldiers should bite the cartridge at one end before they could use it. Cow fat is not consumed by Hindus as cows are considered divine by Hindus and Muslims will not consume pig fat. The soldiers believed that British intentionally greased the cartridge to demean Indians and this led to the first war against the British.

Bollywood Movie

Bollywood actor Aamir Khan was cast in the title role in the movie, Mangal Pandey. The movie is about the collections of various incidents that led to the sepoy mutiny. Although the movie created great expectations, it failed at the box office. However, Aamir Khan made a stamping performance, as Pandey.

In commemoration and admiration of Mangal Pandey, the Government of India issued a new postage stamp in the year 1984.

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