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Sankranti or Makara Sankranti Festival – Celebration of Harvest

Makara Sankranti

Celebration of any festival in India, is not superstition or faith. There is a meaning behind every festival. Here I am analyzing the reason behind the celebration of Sankranti.

Makara SankrantiThe Celebration of Makara Sankranti festival

 Makara Sankranti festival is generally celebrated in the middle of January and falls on 14th or 15th of January every year. On this day, people pray God, prepare Pongal and Ellu, which are offered to God. After that, Ellu, banana and sugarcane is distributed among relatives and friends. People greet each other with Ellu and message that after eating sweet, one should talk sweet words only. The cattle, especially the cow and the ox are bathed, decorated by painting their horns, tying color tapes, balloons and are worshipped. People also fly kites. It will be a feast to the eyes to see huge kites flying in the sky. Kite flying competitions and competition for the best cow and ox are also organized.

Reasons behind celebration of Makara Sankranti

  1. During January the crops like Jowar, rice, wheat, etc. will be harvested. After harvesting the farmers will be free and want to have some fun. Festivals are a way of meeting relatives, mingling with them, cooking good food and enjoying. This is one reason.
  2. The second reason is based on the principal of sharing. A part of the yield coming from the lands will be donated to temples and Pongal will be cooked using fresh rice and distributed among relatives and friends. This practice invokes the feeling of the joy of sharing and caring.
  3. During Sankranti Ellu, a combination of Ground nut, Dry Coconut, Jaggery, Fried Gram and Teel, is distributed among friends and relatives and also consumed. Ground nut and dry coconut are a source of oil. During the winter, the body will have lost the oil content. Eating of this combination rejuvenates the body by supplying the necessary oil content.
  4. The worshipping of cattle signifies their importance in our daily life and establishes that they deserve an important place in our lives.

Don’t you think these are sufficient reasons to celebrate? This festival invokes the feelings of sharing, humanity, caring for each other and respecting the environment.

Any other reasons, view are welcome. We will be happy to hear from you.

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