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Light Delight – Chakkuli recipe for an Evening Snack


Crispy Chakkuli Ready to Eat
Crispy Chakkuli Ready to Eat

The evening is the time to relax after a hectic days work. Some crunchy, crispy snacks and a hot cup of tea/coffee, combined with some favorite music will take away the stress of the entire day and refreshes you. The most important requirement for this rejuvenation is a yummy snack. Though 100s of types of snacks are available in the market, nothing beats something homemade with this chakkuli recipe.

How good it will be if there is a snack which is easy to cook, can be stored for long and crunchy and crispy too? Yes, here I am going to give you the recipe for such a lovely snack.

Chakkuli which is not spicy is very popular among all South Indian Recipes. It is specially made during Ganesha festival, but it is a very good evening snack. The earlier versions of making this was a tedious process and required long preparation and perfection. My liking to this snack made me invent an easy method of making it, which I am sharing herewith. You will get to know how to make chakli instantly and in easy steps.

Ingredients Required for chakkuli

  1. Urad Dal – 1 cup
  2. Rice Flour – 2 Cups
  3. Butter – 1 big spoon
  4. White/ Nylon Sesame seed – 1 spoon
  5. Salt to taste
  6. Asafetida – 2 pinch
  7. Oil to fry

Preparation for chakkuli recipe

Wash the urad dal and stain the water completely. Now put it in a pressure cooker and add two cups of water. Add a small spoon of asafetida. Pressure cook on medium flame up to three whistles. Dal should get cooked very soft and should be easy to mash. Allow it to cool.

In a wide mouthed pan, take butter, add salt and one spoon rice flour. Mix the contents well till there are no lumps and it becomes a smooth paste. To this, add the cooked dal and mash it very well. There should not be any full dal left and it should become a smooth paste. To this paste, add rice floor and Til. Knead it and make it into a soft dough. You can also use atta kneader to knead. Make this dough into a small portion, put it in the Chakkuli maker.

Press Chakkuli directly into oil
Press Chakkuli directly into oil

Chakkuli can be made with 3 rounds or 4 rounds as per your wish. This looks good and will be nice to serve, but takes a longer time. For convenience, I use the Chakkuli maker with 3 holes and make big chakkulis. This way it will be faster and easier.

Fry them under low flame till golden brown
Fry them under low flame till golden brown

Heat the oil in a pan and put the chakli’s when the oil is hot. Deep fry on a slow flame till it turns golden brown. Do not raise the flame to cook it fast. It should be fried in low flame only. I directly squeeze the calculus into oil, but if you are a novice, you can first make them on a plastic sheet and then transfer to oil.

After frying allow them to cool and then transfer it to an airtight container. This can be stored for more than a week on the shelf. If you refrigerate it, the life increases. Murukku is yet another light delight which is similar to Chakli, the recipe of which I will give in the next article.

You can also make the taste differ by replacing the Urad dal with Moong Dal. Rest of the procedure is same as given above. This gives a totally different taste. For those who want it spicy, red chili powder can be added for the moong dal variety. Adding jeera or ajwain makes it taste different.

Chakkuli is crispy to eat and stays crispy for long and is one of the best Indian recipes. Best evening snack as it does not have any spices and children can also enjoy this.

Spicy Chakkuli for those who love spicy snacks

The COVID time gave me opportunity to experiment with my culinary skills. Some family members love everything spicy and hot and hence suggested to try making chakkuli with green chilies. I started my experiement, it came up really well and I am sharing it with you here.

Most of the preparation is as described above with a few changes.

Cook 1 cup urad dal with some green chilies (depending on how spicy/hot you want it) finely chopped, up to 3 whistles in a cooker. When it is cooked grind it to smooth paste.

Chakkuli Making
Chakkuli Making

Take 3 spoons of butter and 2 spoons of rice floor, sautee it well, now add salt, asafoetida, khas-khas or sesame seeds, and urad dal paste. Add 3 cups of rice floor and knead well.

Chakkuli Making
Khara Chakkuli
Khara Chakkuli Batter
Crispy Chakkuli

Chakkuli batter is ready. Now deep fry this in medium flame till it turns golden brown. Crispy, spicy chakkuli is ready to relish with strong filter coffee.

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