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Indian Railways – Stepping the Ladder of Technology

Indian Railways

Those who travel by train always feel that the facilities in Indian Railways should improve. Those who are travelling to the new destinations are always scared of the fact that they may miss the station. Once a person boards the train, it is difficult to get the updates as to when the passenger will be reaching his destination.

Technology put to best use!

Those who have internet can get the updates whenever the net gets connected, but those who do not have Smartphones find it really difficult to know the information. Railways is about to take a step further to eliminate this difficulty. From now on you will get alerts on your mobile!!

Once the passenger books the ticket, he is going to get the alerts about the following information:

  • Journey details will be messaged well in advance. They include Seat/ Birth number, date of journey, boarding place, time of departure.
  • The passenger will get a call from the railways one hour before the departure of the train.
  • The passenger will get alert well in advance about the destination.

This is going to provide much relief to the passengers, especially the senior citizens. Also the people who have to get down at their destinations at odd hours can breach a sigh of relief. They do not have to keep themselves awake all night, lest they skip the station.

The introduction of online tracking of the trains is also a good facility. With the help of this, people can track the train online and also get to know about the delay in arrival and departure.

Needs more attention!

With all these high tech services, it is time for railways to improve the condition of trains, quality of food available to the passengers and maintenance of platforms. The passengers should also realize their responsibility and join hands with railways in maintaining the cleanliness.

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