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How to Prepare Haryanvi Suhaali Snack Easily at Home


Haryanvi Suhaali is a traditional crispy snack generally prepared and feasted upon during festival times like Diwali and Karwa Chauth. Also known as Meethi Matheri this popular snack of Haryana is locally known by the name ‘Suhaali’. As it can be easily stored for almost 15 days that benefits you to pack it and carry conveniently while on travel. It is a lightly sweeten healthy snacks that can be made at home with a few easy steps.

Let’s learn how to make this tea time dry snack ‘Mithi Matheri ‘Suhaali’  at your home.

The main Ingredients Required for Haryanavi Suhaali are-

•Whole wheat flour (‘atta’).jaggery for mathri
•Pure desi ghee.
•Small pieces or crushed jaggery/’gurr’
•Fennel seeds in powdered form
•Ghee /Oil for deep frying
•Half Litre Water

Process for Preparing Suhaali:

To make or prepare Suhaali you simply need to follow some easy steps:

  • Melt the crushed jaggery in half a liter of water and heat it up to the boiling level until the mixture is fully merged.
  • Allow this solution to cool down.
  • Now, take wheat flour in a big size dish and add ghee along with powdered fennel seeds.
  • Mix flour with this ghee & seeds evenly.
  • Knead the mixture by using jaggery solution and make a tight dough paste.
  • Leave the mixture for almost an hour.
  • Now, break the dough into small pieces and roll them in a little ball shape with oily hands.
  • Press the balls to give them the desired shape.
  • After that deep fry the small circular shape ‘raw Suhali’ in either oil or ghee. You can bake them also.
  • Now, Crispy Haryanvi Mithee Matheri snack is really to be served.
  • Suhaali can be kept stored in an airtight container for a longer duration to be used later.

Serve it with either tea or milk or as it is. It will simply make you feel satisfied and its light sweetness will lighten up your mood.

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