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Heavy Rains and Cold wave lash South India

Heavy rains lashing South India

Heavy rains lashing South Indian have thrown life out of gear

Heavy rains lashing South Indian have thrown life out of gear

Heavy rains and cold wave has rendered most parts of South India out of balance. Low pressure in Bay of Bengal has resulted in heavy downpour from the past 6 days. Major parts of South India are affected by this and normal life is thrown out of gear. The most affected is Tamil Nadu, including the capital city of Chennai where more than 100 people are dead and many are rendered homeless. Thousands have been moved to safer places. Streets have become pools and all movements including vehicular movement has almost come to a standstill.

The other affected states are also facing huge problems. There is a report of landslide in Tirupati Hill pathway and devotees being stranded at Tirumala hills. Major cities including Bengaluru are facing the worst scenario with clogged drains, traffic jams and cold waves. Bengaluru has an additional problem of garbage not getting disposed.

The cold weather is expected to continue for three more days as per reports. This is sure to leave the people of south disgusted. At many places holiday is declared for schools and colleges and some offices have also declared holiday. Some places which were waiting for rain breathed a sigh of relief, but for those living in urban areas, the scenario is pathetic. The inconvenience could have been avoided if the drainage systems had been in good condition to channel the excess rain water.

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