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DK Ravi Case handed over to CBI

D K Ravi

DK Ravi Case handed over to CBI

DK Ravi case is finally handed over to CBI1

The mysterious death of IAS officer DK Ravi had enraged the people of Karnataka state and the entire country. The officer was found hanging from the ceiling in his flat on March 16 by his wife. Karnataka state’s CID had been conducting the investigation into the matter, but failing to do anything decisive, they faced immense pressure from the public, which demanded immediate action and uncovering of the truth regarding the death of an able IAS officer in DK Ravi.

Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah finally gave a statement on Monday, handing over the case to the Criminal Bureau of Investigation. The CM stated that he had made the decision to honor Ravi’s parents as well as the public sentiments, as there had been statewide protests due to the failure of any headway being made into the case. He made the statement, “We believe in people’s power. We believe in respecting public sentiments “, handing over the case to the CBI in order to control the public’s frenzy.

Chief Minister Sri. Siddaramaiah also said that a preliminary report was submitted by the state CID, but due to the barring of submitting any provisional report by the Kanrataka High Court, the CM did not go on to read the contents of the report. He also stated that as a result of the mandate, it was not viable to involve the CBI in the case from the onset.

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