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CM Nitish Kumar Plans to make Bihar dry state!!

Bihar - Dry State

Looks like some good news for women in Bihar and bad for men!! Newly ascended Chief Minister Nitish Kumar is keen on keeping up his promises to make Bihar dry state!!

Bihar will soon be a Dry state!!

Bihar will soon be a Dry state!!

CM Nitish Kumar promised in his election campaigns, that he is going to ban the alcohol in Bihar as it was the serious concern for society. And abiding by what he said, he recently announced that alcohol will be banned in Bihar effective from coming April. Rumors were out that he said so to woo the women voters in the election as they are the most affected victims of the alcohol. Women have been protesting in Bihar to ban alcohol as their lives are devastated because men in the family consume too much of alcohol, leading to violence, poverty, no food and many such related problems.
Abdul Jalil Mastan, Bihar’s Excise and prohibition minister said that the process of imposing ban on liquor in Bihar has been initiated. It would be visible in next six months. Actually, alcohol is a state subject. It depends on the state government to either ban the alcohol or not. Moreover, no one can raise the issue in Court as it is against the individual rights. States such as Kerela, Gujrat, Manipur, Nagaland, and union territory Lakshadweep have already banned alcohol in their respective regions.
As a matter of fact, the decision taken by the Nitish’s government in 2007, to liberalize the state liquor caused the main trouble. Women took the first step to protest against such policies which led to a long lasting fight in Bihar. Nitish Kumar looks positive with his decision but the liquor ban seldom works, rather it gives rise to the underground criminal activities. It would be a big challenge to this newly formed government and it would be interesting to watch how they manage it.

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