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Is Chanting of Shlokas beneficial?

Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra

Does Chanting of Shlokas affect our well being? Our ancestors were not fond of doctors, surgeries and medicines. Still, they lived a healthy life and also had a long life. They had the unique method of staying healthy. They had perfect faith in God and followed certain rituals in everyday life. Chanting of shlokas is one such practice that our ancestors followed. There are shlokas which are chanted every day and also there are shlokas are believed to address particular problems.

Shlokas have many positive effects

They had specific shlokas for each particular health problem. For example, Aditya Hrudaya is believed to be improving heart health.

Does it work?

The question is, can these shlokas really cure health problems? My thought process is that, the faith that the disease will be cured, has a very high positive effect. This aids in curing the disease by building confidence in the patient.

That apart, the pronunciation of the shlokas will have effect on the particular part of the body, which aids in curing the person. The wordings are selected in such a way that it stimulates a particular nerve or body part, thus aids in improving  the condition of the patient.

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