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Changing perception of love – Some food for Thought!

Is this not love?

The other day my 8 year old niece asked me, ‘aunty, have you ever said I love you to my mum?’.  I said no. Then she again asked ‘don’t you love my mum?’ I said ‘Yes, I love her, she is my sister, I certainly love her’. My niece was confused. Her thought was how anybody can love without saying I love you.

Is this not love?

I took time to think about how to clarify her doubts. In the process of thought, I realized how the meaning of love has changed. How the feeling has metamorphosed. My perception of love is doing what that person wants and not to hurt him/her. I was always there for my sister, in whatever way she needed help, morally, physically, financially, in every way I could be of help. To me this was ultimate love. I could feel the flow of love between us, and there was no need for me to give a voice for our feelings.

Think of the present generation. They have a measurement for love. It is measured by materialistic things and words that are said. Love is measured based on how birthdays are celebrated, what gifts are given and how many times you say ‘I love you’. When I say ‘I love you’ to my niece, immediately comes the reply ‘love you too’. No matter what she is doing, no matter what she is thinking ‘phat’ comes the reply. This is her perception of love.

Perceptions are changing with generation!

This made me think, is this generation gap? Is this due to too much of urbanization? In our fast life, are we forgetting to teach the younger generation the real meaning of love? The thought that my thinking is outdated also came to my mind. I got into the dilemma should I tell her my thinking or leave her with her thought process.

There are a number of questions cropping up in my mind about generation gap, present day scenario, what is right and what is wrong. I expect everybody needs to give a thought about this. My vote goes for imbibing the emotional values in children rather than attaching too much importance to materialistic things. You have an opinion to share? You want to share your experience or any similar incidence? Our platform is open. Do send your comments, opinions and experiences.

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