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6 Tips for a Natural, healthy, shining hair! - Realbharat

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6 Tips for a Natural, healthy, shining hair!

Hair Care

Every single woman dreams about a glossy hair. In the present scenario, not just women, men are also fantasizing about a pitch-perfect hair. Because of air pollution, busy schedules, exposure to sunlight, lack of care, stress and many more different facts make this beautiful dream a nightmare.

Craving for a solution to this problem?

Yes, you can get rid of these problems and get a Shining hair easily. What you have to do is find some time for your own hair because that will make your dream come true! Proper care makes your hair look good. your dull hair is just like a little baby pleading for care.

If you are thinking to make your dream come true overnight, I am afraid that won’t be possible. You have to compromise to gain something. Even after the hair is shiny, you have to take care of it to retain it that way or else it will get damaged again.

Here are some simple tips for Shining hair

This is a simple task you can do yourself at home like a daily routine.

1. Shower at least twice a week

This will help you to maintain cleanliness. But take note not to shower every day because that will rinse off all the oils and make your hair look dull.

2. Use a shampoo and conditioner of the same brand regularly

Use a mild shampoo, preferably with no detergents. It is important to use a conditioner as it will moisturize the hair after shampooing. It is also advised not to change the brands frequently.

3. After bath towel-dry the hair

Use a soft cotton towel to dry the hair. Do not rub it and wipe the hair roughly. That will cause damage and hair will break.

Shining Hair is an asset

Shining Hair is an asset

4. Use hair serum on regular basis

That will maintain the rich look of the hair. If you are using any of the styling products, irons etc. Then you should probably use a thermal serum. You have to apply it from the bottom of your hair upwards. This will do the protective work and works well with the hair still wet.

5. Comb the hair daily

Nowadays people use styling agents and bunk combing. Remember it is important to comb your hair daily. This will increase the blood flow to the scalp and stems of hair will be nourished. Plus you can increase the result by oil massaging the scalp for about ten minutes per day. For oil use coconut or almond oil.

6. Stick to Healthy diet

This will provide every nutrition for the hair. As hair is made of a protein called keratine, the diet should contain lots of protein.

Follow these and you will be the proud owner of mesmerizing hair.

If you are crying out loud for an overnight option. One of the best ways is using an avocado and egg yolk mask. Avocado is well known to add nourishment and hydration. On the other hand, egg yolk will provide protein. For this mask, you’ll need half a portion of mashed ripped avocado and an egg yolk. Mix them to get a nice creamy mask then apply it to your hair and wear a shower cap. Wear it through the night and rinse it off in the morning.

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