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5 things every woman traveler should know

female traveller

Exploring the world on her own is one of the dreams almost every woman secretly keeps. Although it was not considered safe or proper in the past, today’s woman is much more confident and ready to travel solo. After all, can there be anything else more liberating than that?

You can be a woman who is travelling alone for the first time or you can be a part of an all girl group. Whatever be the case, there are a few things which are worth taking care of. Browse through the list of 5 essential instructions every woman traveler, should follow:

female traveller

1. Your Safety is in your own hands:

India is not the best place to travel alone as a woman and there are all kinds of dangers lurking out there. However, things can be much more comfortable, if a woman takes the responsibility of her safety on herself, and not hand it to another. Not the police, not the staff of the place she’s staying in or anyone else. So:
• Take care not to wander out alone at night,
• Do not drink with strangers,
• Keep your family/friends always informed about your location as well as travel plans,
• Do not keep all of your money in one place,
• Keep photo copies of your ID proof, passport (if going abroad) and important document with you.

2. Always choose the place wisely:

A woman travels for very different reasons than a man. She may choose to explore new areas, experience new cultures, but most women, and most of all, to rest and rejuvenate. This is why it is very important for you to consider the reason for your travel before picking up on a place. A beautiful hill station can be a haven for a busy woman, while the same may not be an ideal choice for an already bored one. Also, avoid any romantic destination. You will start to feel lonely rather than alone, and it won’t be long when the joy of your travel flies away.

3. You are allowed to make a scene:

During a trip, the obstacles on a woman’s path are way more than a man, and this is why women have certain liberties as well. Most women shy away when it comes to creating a scene, thinking ‘what if I am only imagining it’. But think for a while, how much worse can things get? It may be a misunderstanding that can be cleared in a minute. But, what if it saves you from a possible danger? Isn’t it worth taking the risk? So, if someone is following you around or making you uncomfortable in any manner, scream for help! Most of the times, this will scare away the perpetrator and they will understand that you are not a woman to be meddled with.

4. Pack your luggage wisely:

You are going to be carrying your entire luggage by yourself so pack only what you can carry. Ideally, keep a backpack and one small hand bag. Your one hand must always be free to call for a taxi, sign a paper, take out money or stop someone coming at you. You can wear clothes which have multiple pockets so you can store more things. Think efficiency more than fashion on a solo trip and dress accordingly. If you are carrying a suitcase, make sure it has wheels attached so you don’t get tired of carrying it around. Also, do not pack expensive jewelry, pricey clothes or gadgets that may attract unnecessary attention.

5. Make the most of your journey:

You may be alone or be a part of a group, your main goal must be to enjoy this time. Traveling alone (without the help of the opposite sex), a woman becomes more confident as well as strong. So, have fun with your girl friends or on your own. Indulge in your hobbies, eat to your heart’s desire, take pictures, sing songs and do what makes you happy. This is all there is to it!

The knowledge that you don’t have anyone watching out for you may scare you at times, but be strong. At that moment, keep calm and take the help of your favorite book, prayer or diary. Keep a journal and write about your experience as a woman who chose something different. A woman, who is brave enough to step out in the open alone, and when your trip completes, there is only one thing that you want to do and that is plan the next one!

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