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5 Best Sarees – Must to adorn your wardrobe

Banarasi sarees

Saree is the traditional dress of Indian women, and its importance is evident from its origin dating back to the Indus-Valley civilization. The beauty it emanates to the wearer is undoubtedly the reason why it has been adored and appreciated by our society and the world alike even today. Here is a look at some of the best types of sarees of India.

1. Banarasi Saree

Known for their lavish embroidery and fine silk, the Banarasi Sarees are one of the best sarees in the country. It is a class of sarees that answers the question of how to wear a silk saree in as grand a manner as was ever witnessed. The history of the Banarasi Saree is as rich as its quality, with the city of Banaras specializing in weaving brocades using gold and silver threads. The extravagance of the design work done on them is an indication as well as surety of their place among the elite few of the famous Indian sarees.

2. Jamdani: Bengali Cotton

Jamdani saree

The mystical charm that the Jamdani saree has associated with it combined with its lightness makes it a prized possession for anyone. The intricately designed motifs on an ulta-fine fabric give it a radiant beauty which is difficult to find in most other types of sarees. The weaving required for this West Bengal handloom product is skillful and laborious, which makes producing a complete saree a process that can last up to a year. The two popular styles of the Bengali saree are the self-colored style and half-n-half style, with the former bearing the weaving and fabric in the same color and the latter having them in contrasting colors.

3. Mysore Silk

ksic silk

ksic silk

Mysore silk, manufactured by KSIC, is a high quality silk which is truly unparalleled and makes it to the list of Best Sarees. The quality and richness of the silk is something the industry has inherited from the rich cultural history of Mysore. Silk of the utmost quality and 100% pure zari, which looks fresh even after a long time of usage for all its products, is used in the production of the sarees. Elegant yet extravagant colors like coffee-brown and elephant-grey have been added in the range of Mysore silk sarees, along with the usage of kasuti embroidery and thickly woven pallus.

4. Kanchipuram Silk

Kanchipuram Saree

This class of sarees is woven naturally by weavers in Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu. Known for its durability and grandeur and distinguished by broad contrast of borders, it can be easily identified by the different color and design of the borders and the body thus making it grand, elegant and best saree. The design and weaving of the saree is decided if the pallu has to be worn in a different shade. If that is the case, then the pallu is woven separately and then joined with the saree meticulously and with great care. Kanchipuram sarees to be worn on special occasions are characterized by being woven with heavy silk and gold cloth.

5. Chanderi Saree

chanderi silk

chanderi silk

Patronized by royalty, and known to have its origin back in the Vedic period, the Chanderi fabrics are a magnificent piece of art born out of finely textured silk and cotton embellished with zari woven work. Their texture and glossy transparency gives makes them appear to be in a different dimension than that of other class of sarees. Although this type of saree is a more recent product, they have been much popular over the past half century. The buttis are hand woven on the handloom, and the thread used is a high grade variant, which never comes loose.

All these sarees make your beauty blossom like you would have never expected, with their quality and exquisiteness making the air around the person wearing them go rampant. So dress the traditional way and flaunt the Indian culture in its most beautiful form.

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