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5 Awesome Ways to Celebrate Diwali with Your Family

House illuminated on Deepavali Day

House illuminated on Deepavali Day
House illuminated on Deepavali Day

Diwali is one of the favorite festivals in India and it is very popular as it reunites family, friends and all the near and dear ones together. For this great spiritual occasion, people clean their houses and decorate with candles, diyas, rangolis, fairy lights, earthen lamps, wall hangings, Torans, and many other decorative items. To celebrate diwali people plan to reach their hometowns well in advance, to be with the family and elders during this festival of lights.

Homes are decorated with a wonderful display of fairy lights and people hang a variety of paper lanterns which gives a unique look to their house. Rangolis are drawn by the ladies of the house to invite and welcome the guests. Rangoli can be made with color powder, sand, rice flour, flowers etc. If you need to add extra beauty to the design just place candles, tiny diyas, or fairy lights at the focal point. They believe that Goddess Lakshmi visits every home on Diwali to offer wealth and prosperity.

Diwali is full of sweets, crackers, fireworks, and fun. Cook yummy recipes yourself and enjoy them with all the family members and friends. Here are some tips to make this Diwali more joyful and memorable experience.

Decorate the House to celebrate diwali 

Celebrating Diwali is all about decorating and adding a festive touch to your homes. You can decorate your house with candle-lit lamps, wall hangings, rangoli, diyas, earthen lamps etc.  If you want to enhance the home décor with hanging lights, then it is a good idea to get a bunch of lanterns.

Lakshmi Pooja at home to celebrate diwali
Lakshmi Pooja at home

Fill your house with light and color by placing a tea light holder just to enhance the décor to celebrate diwali. Torans are the wall hangings that add a different feel to the décor; it can be placed near the main door which is a way of conveying to others that they are celebrating the festival. It is an auspicious décor element for Diwali you can decorate with mango leaves and marigold flowers. Light up the candles around the house which brings a beautiful fragrance and aura to the surrounding with their light. Also, try floating candles as they give a distinctive touch to the décor.

Diyas to Lighten and Brighten the House

Dazzle up your room with electrical lights or oil lamps or candles. You can get more creative by making Diyas at your home. Dough and eggshells can be used to make colorful diyas. Your creativity can be given a challenge in making these diyas. Paper cup lights are one of the easiest Diwali decoration ideas to brighten each and every corner of the house.

Just paint and cut the cups in floral shapes to create some unique decorative pieces for Diwali. Also, add tiny cute light bulbs and make a long chain to hang on the wall. Diyas are traditional Diwali decoration item that adds an amazing festive touch to the house. Make use of earthen diyas which gives a traditional look. You can paint them with glitter and acrylic paint to give a vibrant look.

If you love to decorate uniquely and creatively, then go for fruit candles as it will be very exciting to design. Just cut the fruit peels in attractive shapes and place a tiny blossoming candle inside them for a perfect decoration of home to celebrate Diwali.

Prepare Traditional Sweets to celebrate diwali

Home Made sweets
Home Made Sweets

The Indian festival of lights is symbolizes moving from dark to light. Lighting up lamps indicates this notion. The other belief is that Goddess Lakshmi will enter the house which is lighted with a lot of lamps. It is also the time to satisfy sweet pangs with rich, traditional sweets. Diwali sweets are made at home and shared with friends and neighbors to express happiness and joy. There are a lot of conventional type of sweets like Gulab Jamun, Kaju Katli, Almond Burfi, Besan Laddu, Badusha, Milk cake, Kheer of different varieties etc. which can be cooked at home. Indians love desserts like ladoos, kheers, and barfis. The easy to make ladoos are loved by people of all ages and are mainly prepared during the grand festival. Friends and neighbors visit each other during this festival and sweets are offered to all the guests.

Rangoli for that Traditional Look

Colorful Rangoli
Colorful Rangoli

One of the creative things observed during any Indian festival is to create beautiful Rangoli designs at the entrance. It is usually drawn at the doorsteps, near the puja place, at the corner of the room, or anywhere. Call the children and design a Rangoli with them, make it bright as well as colorful.

Flower and light Decoration
Flower and light Decoration

Add diyas, candles, flower petals, tiny lamps, and earthen pots to give extra beauty to the Rangoli pattern.  You can decorate with natural, blossoming flowers or use the artificial ones to complement the décor. Use bright and vibrant colors in your floral Rangoli like red, yellow, green, white and some green mango leaves. These decorations give a good aura to the whole room and surroundings.

Burst Crackers but Safety First

Colorful crackers are a feast for the Eyes
Colorful crackers are a feast for the Eyes

To celebrate diwali is nothing without bursting colorful sparkles and other fireworks. Huge varieties of crackers are available in the market such as flower pots, rockets, the atom-bomb, sparklers, sky shots, twinkling stars, Cracker bunches, etc. Shopping of crackers can be done at home in a few minutes and you can also find lots of offers and deals.

Diwali is all about lighting crackers which come in amazing types. The sound and light of the crackers fill the air, making every heart burst with joy. Irrespective of age, gender, caste and creed, people enjoy bursting crackers during this festival.

When you start to burst crackers make sure it is a wide area because if you are in congested place it may lead to fire accidents and burns. As Diwali is time to light lamps, burst crackers, eat sweets and make the celebrations more special.

Wrapping Up

Enjoy this light festival with sweets, crackers, especially with lights. Spend this grand day with your loved ones to enjoy abundantly. Celebrations are meant to share happiness and spreading the love. Plan the day with best activities and events to make it more memorable. Be safe and keep your surroundings also safe from unnecessary actions. Have a great Diwali!

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