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When in Goa, Don’t Forget to Relish ‘The Relish’!

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The Relish – A Restaurant Review by Rahul Sharma

The Basics 

The Relish - Colorful Interiors
Colorful interiors
  • Restaurant Being Reviewed: Relish Fusion Cuisine & Bar
  • Address: Arpora, Goa
  •  Bio:  Mid-range Bar Cum Restaurant
  • Cuisines offered:  Primarily Indian
  • Alcohol Availability: Yes
  • Dining Cost for Two (approx.):  Rs. 800-1000

The Review 

  • Location

About 3 km from Baga Beach, Relish is located on lively Calangute – Anjuna Road, Arpora, and is pretty easily accessible. Owing to the vicinity, a beach stroll before or after the food is an advantage here. Besides, there are a few wonderful bakeries around the restaurant in case one wants to munch some pastries, etc. before jumping onto the food wagon.

  • Ambiance
Catchy Ambiance
Catchy Ambiance

The photographs say it all. Right from the basic infrastructure to the add-ons, everything looks so sober yet solemn. The use of colors, texture, and the whole illumination gives soothing & peaceful vibes that are very welcoming, considering the high adrenalin & loud day that one usually spends while in a place like Goa. The soft music is the icing on the cake.

Beautiful Interiors
Beautiful Interiors

So as far the décor is concerned, while it may not be one of those ‘high on brand’ & ‘too much to flash’ kind of restaurants, but it’s certainly a place where you will feel comfortable & at ease.

  • Service

Considering the time taken to serve food once ordered, service can’t be said excellent but ‘Very Good’ would certainly not be an exaggerated compliment. Mannerisms &courteous behavior of the serving staff, the level of cleanliness maintained, and the way the food is served to make up for the little-delayed service.

  • Food

The million-dollar question is here. How’s the food?

It may sound like a cliché, but the food at Relish is certainly something you will relish for long. Very delectable & very enjoyable. Especially, if on your 3rd or 4th day of Goa vacations, you are looking for some delicious Indian food after having all sorts of appetizers &so-called exotic preparations of Goa’s beach shacks, then this the place where your hunger quest will end. Cocktails & Mocktails won’t disappoint you either. As for deserts, well the options are few but the taste is again superb. And in particular, my dear vegetarian friends, don’t just miss this restaurant for you gonna love everything that will be served on your table. No doubts about that.

The Overall Verdict:

Relaxing Atmosphere
Relaxing Atmosphere

Taking into consideration all the parameters that help one decide whether to or not to visit a restaurant especially for food when you have hundreds of options available at every nook & corner of Goa, it would not be detrimental to say that The Relish won’t disappoint you.

My Rating: 4 / 5

Post Script :

To the Restaurant Management :

I would like to emphasize& request the management of The Relish to please work a little on the timely service part so as escalate Guest’s usual wonderful dining experience with you into an exceptional one.

To the Readers :

I hope you found this review of the Relish relishable, informative & useful.

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Would love to hear your feedback @rahul.nitk04@gmail.com.

Namaste & Take care!!

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