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5 Weekend Attractions Around Bengaluru

places to visit in Bangalore

Before talking about weekend attractions around Bengaluru, let me tell you why Bangaloreans need weekend attractions.

Bengaluru, the capital of Karnataka, the IT Hub, and Silicon Valley, is a city buzzing with activities and events. Roads and eateries are always jam-packed, people are always on the move and busy. But come the weekend the citizens hunt for a serene place and Best Hotels in Bangalore to get rid of loads of stress accumulated over the week and look to get refreshed and rejuvenated for the coming Monday.

While this is one category of people looking for short trips around Bengaluru, visitors coming make Bangalore as their center point and look for places to visit as a one day trip. Look no further, here are the details of 5-weekend attractions around Bengaluru to make it easy for you.

Bangalore with all its Power!

To cater to this need, I am listing here five awesome destinations which are close to Bengaluru, but yet make you feel away from the city buzz.

1. Srirangapatna – Abode of Ranganathaswamy

This is the best place to relax on a weekend because it caters to people of all ages and all mindsets. A small island formed by the Kaveri river, this place is blessed with nature. Sriranganathaswamy Temple and Nimishamba Temple attract the religious-minded people. Ranganatittu bird sanctuary and Sangam are for avian and nature lovers. Tippu Fort and Gumbaz are for people who want to go back in time.

Situated on the Bengaluru-Mysuru highway, this place is 2.30 hours journey and easily reachable. There is a good number of resorts and hotels to cater to tourists.

2. Nandi Hills – Weekend Escapade!

Coorg, Best weekend attraction around Bengaluru
Coorg, cool nest

Situated at around 60 Kms from Bengaluru, this is the hot pick of the younger generation. With attractions like Paragliding, cycling, and biking, youth hang at this place during weekends. There are many places of tourist attraction around Nandi hills such as Bhoganarasimha Temple, Muddenahalli – The birthplace of Sir M. Vishveshwaraiah. The hill itself is a storehouse of nature and surprises like Tippu Drops, Nehru Nilaya, Summer-residence of Tippu are some of the places which are not to be missed. Being a hill station, this makes the best choice for weekend attractions around Bengaluru.

3. Lepakshi and Vidurashwatha – Religion and History

A glance at Lepakshi Temple

This place is at a distance of 120 kms. from Bengaluru and the best fit of a weekend attraction around the Bengaluru trip. The Lepakshi temple has amazing architecture and sculpture and one can spend a few hours observing them. The pillar which stands without support, the foot-print where water never dies, huge monolithic Naga Vigraha are sure to make you awestruck.

Vidhurashwatha is of both religious and historical significance. The Ashwatha tree is said to have been planted by Vidhura of Mahabharata which makes it significant. There is a war memorial in memory of our great freedom fighters. Though it is not well developed, it is our duty to visit this place and pay our respects to the martyrs.

4. Coorg – Cool Cool Nest and best of the Weekend attractions around Bengaluru

A panoramic view in Coorg

Coorg is yet another lovely place perfect for a weekend trip from Bengaluru. This place has many attractions like amazing weather, curvaceous roads, fragrant coffee plantations, local wine and tourist places. Do not miss Abbey falls, Bhagandeshwara Temple, the birthplace of River Kaveri and Dubare Elephant Camp. Just roaming around this city and outskirts refreshes you, but driving is better if done by locals as the roads are either ups or downs with steep curves.

Don’t forget to shop for coffee powder, honey, spices and orange (during the season)

5. Biligiriranganabetta – Nature at its best!

A view of BR Hills

This place attracts you more for nature. The drive is exemplary and one has to start in the morning to enjoy the drive and nature. The view from the top of the temple is amazing. Ranganatha Swamy temple invokes peace and serenity. Situated at a distance of 170 kms. from Bangalore, this road passes through forests. It is nice to travel during winter and rainy season to enjoy the lush greenery. This is undoubtedly the best choice for nature lovers, religious-minded people, and is also one of the most opted weekend attractions around Bengaluru.


Those staying in Bangalore have no trouble visiting these places during the weekend, but tourists coming to Karnataka can stay at Hotels in Bangalore and visit these places. Bengaluru offers the best hotels and accommodation which are pocket-friendly to ultimate luxury. If you are looking for budget stays, I suggest that rooms in residential localities rather than in commercial hubs. This way, you can have a peaceful stay and also save some money. I hope these 5-weekend attractions around Bengaluru rejuvenates you.

Happy holidays!

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