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The Hidden Dalia Health Benefits and Easy to Cook Recipes

Dalia or Broken wheat

Ever heard of Dalia? ‘Dalia’ is a food item that has been used in most Indian households. It is a cereal made out of broken wheat packed with rich nutrients. It is also known as Broken wheat, Cracked wheat, Bulgar, Burghul, Fada, Lapsi, Bulgar Wheat, and Couscous. Dhalia is made by crushing whole wheat grains into smaller granules. We often assume that any food that is healthy does not taste good, however that is not the case with this cereal. Many dishes can be made out of broken wheat that is delicious and these Dalia recipes taste better than a junk replacement.

The preparation of broken wheat is also very easy and simple. It is almost similar to cooking rice. It can be used as breakfast, lunch, or dinner. You can even whip up evening snack recipes. Dhalia is one of those few kinds of cereal that can be liked by individuals of all ages similarly. An infant to the elderly everyone can be pleased by this healthy cereal since you can make almost any dish with Dalia. You can even make junk foods like fried items using Dhalia but a healthier version.

benefits of dalia

Broken wheat has a lot of health benefits that it can be almost considered as a medicinal cereal. Let us look into some of the Dalia benefits you can gain through including it in your daily diet.

  1. Rich in Nutrients:

Wheat is a commonly known healthy cereal. Dalia is nothing but broken wheat but with more health benefits than wheat. It is rich in fiber that helps in the digestion of food. It is rich in essential vitamins. It also contains protein and iron. So having Dhalia is like having a complete balanced diet in one dish.

  1. Effective Weight Loss

Now, who wouldn’t like a simple habit for losing weight? Broken wheat is your quick and easy solution. Since Dalia is rich in all the essential nutrients, having it for breakfast can keep your tummy full and stop you from over-eating at odd times. It is one of the very food items with less calorie intake.

  1. Easy Digestion

Since Dalia is rich in fiber it helps in quicker digestion. And also can relieve you from constipation problems. Including broken wheat in your daily diet can improve your health and take you off the medicines if you are suffering from constipation regularly.

  1. A healthy alternative for diabetic patients:

Diabetic patients are deprived of some of the tastiest food items due to their sugar level. Dalia ensures a steady release of glucose when daily consumed thus ensuring to keep the sugar levels in control. So if you are a diabetic craving for something tasty, you can add broken wheat to your daily diet.

  1. Healthy for your heart

Dalia is like a boon to a lot of people suffering from ailments. So another one on the list is heart patients. It controls the cholesterol and blood pressure levels in one’s body. Daily consumption of broken wheat can prevent you from cardiovascular diseases. It helps in the flow f blood by preventing heart blocks.

  1. Anti-Inflammatory

Most of us face inflammation in our muscles as we near the old age. But consumption of Dhalia on a daily basis can save us from inflammatory and other chronic illness that haunts most people during the old age.

  1. Helps to calm your nerves

Dalia is rich in magnesium. Magnesium is a mineral that will help us calm nerves and relax our bodies no matter what the situation is. So if you are someone suffering from hypertension and frequent panic attacks, consuming it on a daily basis can help you.

  1. Best weaning food

Finding the most healthy food for your baby is really difficult. Especially when your baby is a fussy and picky eater. But Dalia has been used as a healthy weaning food in India from age-old times. The baby gets all the essential nutrients and is one of the best alternative solid food once you stop breastfeeding.

  1. Good for children

Dalia is not just good for your babies it is also a very healthy food item for your growing children. Growing children are the toughest since we cannot get them to eat enough nutrients. But with broken wheat, you can make interesting dishes and get them to have all the essential minerals and rich vitamins.

  1. Prevents breast cancer

A recent study has been started on other health benefits of Dalia and one of the discoveries is that regular consumption of Dalia can prevent breast cancer among post-menopausal women.


Easy to make Dalia Recipes

But you may wonder a food item that is so rich in nutrients can be a difficult task to cook. Do not worry! We will suggest you some of the dishes that can be made out of Dalia that are traditionally cooked and also some modern recipes.



Dalia Khichdi
Dalia Khichdi

Khichdi is a very common Indian dish that is packed with nutrients. You can make your Khichdi even more nutritious by replacing rice with Dalia. It is a tastier and healthier substitute. And no one can say no to a hot bowl of Khichdi.

Dalia Upma

Upma is a very common Indian breakfast dish that is made in most households. It is easy and time-saving to make. You can use Dalia to make Upma going forward. This breakfast is filling and can keep you energetic throughout the day. You can either make plain Dalia Upma or add some vegetables to make it more delicious.

Dalia Salad

You can make a delicious salad with a good dressing using Dalia and some vegetables or fruits of your choice. You just have to cook broken wheat and add cut vegetables or fruits with dressings. It is an excellent brunch idea that can make even a salad hater love salad.


Dalia dhokla
Dalia dhokla

Dhokla is a Gujarati dish that tastes excellent with some mint chutney. You can make perfect dhoklas out of Dhalia which will be a healthier version.

Porridge/ Kheer

Porridge is usually a dish that most people hate due to its bland taste. It is often associated with sickness since we are forced to have porridge when we fall ill. But Dalia gives a new delicious twist to porridge. Daliya Kheer is simple to make and delicious to eat.

If you are getting creative you can cook any normal dishes like cutlets, vegetable biriyani, kheer, etc. with broken wheat instead of their regular ingredient. Namkeen Dhalia recipes are also very popular.

Now that you are aware of this healthy cereal don’t you think its time to include this in your daily food habit? Let us take up healthier food habits for a healthier lifestyle.

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