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Lingaa opens amidst pomp and glory

Lingaa movie

Lingaa Opens with lot of Enthusiasm

Lingaa Opens with lot of Enthusiasm

Super Star Rajanikant’s much awaited movie, Lingaa was released today. Despite many disruptions for the release, the movie has been released. The movie, which is being released on Super Star’s Birthday looks like a special gift to him.

In Bangalore, Rajani fans started piling up near the theatre from midnight itself. Despite the biting cold, fan’s enthusiasm was at the peak. People from all walks of life and from all parts of the city gathered near the theatres where the movie was to be screened. A huge crowd was seen near Rockline Mall. Though the regular timings of the movie is around 9.30 am or 10 am, generally, the morning show started at 5.30 am. This change was made as there was a  huge, crowd of fans in front of the theatre and controlling the crowd till 10 am was not an easy task.


That apart, fans cut cake at midnight to celebrate Super Star’s Birthday, burst crackers and distributed sweets. Milk was poured on Rajani’s cutouts, making ‘Abhisheka’ to the star. Rajani’s cutout and photos were brought on a silver palanquin to the theatre. Rajani fans were seen wearing T Shirt with pics of Rajani. One fan had even gone to the extent of getting the name Linga on his head with special haircut.

There was another fan who paid 12000 INR for one ticket to watch the movie. The reports say that the fans were thrilled and happy with the first half of the movie.

Karnataka, especially Bangalore was excited with the release of Lingaa for more than one reason. The first reason is Rajani Kanth is basically from Bangalore and second is the movie is produced by Rockline Venkatesh, who is from Bangalore. That apart, Bangalore also has a huge number of Rajani fans.

The movie got a very good opening and fans are enjoying the movie. Looking at the response, the movie is expected to break all records and rise high.

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