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Hrithik - Kangana Clash Reaches out New Level! - Realbharat

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Hrithik – Kangana Clash Reaches out New Level!

Hrithik Kangana Clash

Hrithik - Kangana Clash!

Hrithik – Kangana Clash!

It’s been a solo ride for Hrithik Roshan after he decided to call it a split between him and Sussanne Khan after 17 long years of what the nation believed to be a perfect relationship. The media often spurned up some or the other reason leading to their divorce until the Kangana-Hrithik affair came to light. It is now certain that Kangana Ranaut did play a major role in Hrithik’s divorce.

It all dates back the divorce as it was the same time when Hrithik filed a complaint on Dec 12, 2014 with the cyber-crime cell notifying that his email id was being used by someone who impersonated him. According to Hrithik, the alleged trickster not just supposedly spoke to his fans but also carried on conversations with Kangana Ranaut in particular, amongst others in the film industry.

Hrithik-Kangana Clash

Hrithik-Kangana Clash

Now, Kangana is not at all at par with this statement. It was Hrithik who rolled out this fiery ball of agony on to Kangana in the form of a legal notice. He demanded Kangana to come out in public and apologize stating that they had nothing going on in between them. Perhaps the situation could have been handled with somewhat sophistication with a diplomatic approach. But Kangana decided to accept the duel. Kangana Ranaut, who is currently 29 is known for her bravery and honesty. She immediately sent out the statement that it is Hrithik Roshan who needs to correct his behavior and outlook or face criminal offence charges pressed against him. Well, what can I say, the fire rises.

Every now and then something new pops up, either through social media or via ambitious reporters. Recent tweets from Hrithik indicated his strong denial of the notion that the two were allegedly having an affair. Kangana on the other hand came up with straight headed statement that Hrithik should firmly stick to what he has said and not pursue her secretively. Now, can you believe this? These two are are just messing around and that too publicly.

Looking at the other side of the event it has been confirmed that team Hrithik is not ready to let go easily. They would rather not waste time on fighting Kangana Ranaut to prove a point, instead they would prove that the total episode of Hrithik-Kangana affair is a big bad hoax.

Hrithik seems pretty serious with this total chapter. He firmly stated in his complaint that, “A young girl sent a lot of photographs and film clips on the email address hroshan@email.com thinking that she is sending it to me. I believe the said material if used wrongly can ruin my reputation and the girl completely”. Question is who this young girl could be? Is he indicating Kangana? Well, as a matter of fact Kangana is 13 years younger than him. Let’s keep our fingers crossed as more steamy updates catch the surface. Meanwhile, Hrithiks lawyer Dipesh Mehta confirmed, “We would again pursue the matter with the cyber crime division as this is the crux (of legal battle between Hrithik and Kangana) of the whole matter.”

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