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How to prepare medu Kobbarimithai Recipe (Coconut barfi)

nariyal ki barfi

Kobbrimithai - Ready to Relish

Kobbrimithai – Ready to Relish

Kobbarimithai or coconut burfi is a common South Indian Sweet made from grated coconut and sugar. It is tasty, easy to make and can be stored for a long time and hence it is often kept in store in most of the houses.

The evening is always related to relaxation, some chit-chat with the family and spending quality time with the family. Small snacks are an essential part of this evening family meet. Kobbarimithai is a sweet which fits into this category. It can be stored for long and the taste will remain unaltered. This is generally relished with some fried items like Chakkuli, Kodubale, Nippattu. These combinations are the hot favorite of every South Indian household. They also make a good option to serve guests.

There are different varieties of Kobbarimithai. Though the main ingredients are grated coconut and sugar, the addition of ingredients like dry fruits, milk or Khova gives an entirely different taste. This sweet dish is generally not very soft and hence it has a longer shelf life. But today I am going to teach you the softer version which melts in the mouth.

What you require

  1. 2 cups of grated coconut
  2. 1 ½ cup sugar
  3. 1 cup cream
  4. Cardamom powder
  5. Ghee 1 spoon
  6. Dry fruits as per taste (Optional)

The Making of Kobbarimithai

Grind the grated coconut

Grind the grated coconut

  • Put 2 cups of grated coconut in a mixer and grind it without adding water.
  • Transfer this into a thick bottomed pan.
  • Add sugar and milk cream
  • Put this on medium flame and keep stirring once in 5 minutes initially.
Keep stirring once in 3-4 minutes

Keep stirring once in 3-4 minutes

  • Once it starts thickening keep stirring continuously.
  • Once the entire content starts leaving the pan and when you stir the sides will turn white, transfer it into a plate coated with ghee.
  • Allow 30 minutes so that it settles.
  • Now cut the Kobbrimithai into the required design and leave it to cool.
  • When it is completely cool or at room temperature remove the pieces and store in a dry box.


You have to remove the Kobbarimithai just in time so that it will not be too hard.

You can garnish this with dry fruits to give an extra taste.

Dry fruits can be powdered and added which gives it a different taste.

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