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How to deal with Stroke - Realbharat

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How to deal with Stroke

Identify stroke with these symptoms

Identify stroke with these symptoms

Identify stroke with these symptoms

In today’s world, health is wealth and one must be very cautious to sustain this wealth as it can be looted anytime by our unhealthy pleasures. And when it comes to heart, you must understand that we are talking about a very vital organ of a human body without which everything seizes to work. The heart is like a pumping engine of the body which pumps out fluid called blood, which keeps our body fine and going. However, a lapse in the functioning of this pump due to obstruction in the flow causes fatal outcomes which are very difficult to deal with. The higher is the dependability of our body on heart, the more delicate it is and cannot take any kind of toxic or restriction, and when we talk about obstruction, the famous word that strikes our mind is “stroke”.
Stroke, sometimes referred as a brain attack, in the disruption caused to the functioning of the brain because of the obstructed flow of blood into it. As we all know that every organ of our body needs blood to work, and if an obstruction is created, then it poses a problem. Because of this restricted blood flow, certain part of our brain does not work and since our brain is neurologically connected to our limbs, hence our limbs get paralyze for a certain amount of time. Or it may cause vision impairment, or failure to speak or understand the speech.

There are two types of stroke, that is: the one caused by blood clots which is generally known as ischemic stroke and the other is caused by bleeding, known as hemorrhagic stroke. There is a condition in which a clot (lump of blood) causes the blood to stop for a short period of time, causing TIA that is a transient ischemic attack, which is also known as mini stroke. Well, it’s an advance world and these diseases can even happen to small babies.

Stroke can happen anytime and at an early phase, it gives a sign of headache. Now you know that your brain affects your opinion, thinking, functionality and everything. So when it comes to the stroke at the main part of your brain that is the cerebrum, it has various affects on left and right cerebrum. When it affects your left hemisphere, you may undergo paralysis on the right side of your body. In addition to it there may be trouble in reading, writing, thinking and doing geek stuff like math!! Moreover, your behavior may become slow and there is trouble remembering new things. When a stroke affects your right hemisphere, you undergo paralysis on the left side of your body, vision problems, judging difficulty, problem in understanding maps, depth, distances etc.
Any major illness has the potential to change your life and so does stroke. You may recover to some extent, but not fully. It affects our daily life and routine and moreover affects our thinking capacity. You can prevent it, by having a healthy lifestyle, eating healthy food, saying no to junk food, exercising regularly to maintain your blood flow, saying no to all the toxic material and thus you can move forward with a healthy heart, mind, and soul.

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