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Can we not use Social Media Sites for a Cause?

social media cause

I recently got registered myself on Facebook. I am not a great fan of Facebook, I just visit there once in a while and check the posts. I am amazed at the number of people who are active on Facebook and their activities which are almost everyday.

social media causeI came across many in fact a large number of messages that are meaningful and educative purposes. Some questions were asked which are strange, but thought provoking. Many people are concerned about the happenings around them and focus on how to improve them. Photos of situations which needs focus are posted which create awareness among others.

While this is one part of the story, I have observed some people who are just fond of posting their photos, videos, personal messages on Facebook. What I feel is, my personal message will be of interest to me and to the close circle of people who care for me. For this aspect, one does not need Facebook. Facebook is such a powerful social media site with millions of visitors. It has so much power that it can bring about a revolution. The communication is fast and wide spread. There are no geographical borders.Such a powerful tool can be used for more wider purposes. Some genuine causes such as

  • Information which is vital.
  • Educative articles
  • Spreading knowledge
  • Spreading messages of social concern
  • Information about science
  • Inspiring spiritual attitudes
  • Important of morals and ethics

There are many issues which only younger generation can address. Only young people can bring about the changes. Facebook is used mainly by youngsters. I think this can be utilized for better purposes than just for passing personal info. Anybody sharing this idea? Am sure there are some people who agree with me.

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