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7 adorable Places to visit in Mathura for Krishna Devotees
places to visit in mathura

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Top 6 adorable Places to visit in Mathura for Krishna Devotees

Situated on the bank of River Yamuna, Mathura is probably the most revered and religious city in India comprising of several ancient and astounding temples. Being the birthplace of Lord Krishna, Mathura is no less than a pilgrimage site in India and there are many places to visit in Mathura. Apart from its great religious significance, the city also boasts a very rich history that makes it a major tourist attraction. There are heaps of places to visit in Uttar Pradesh, but Mathura is completely soaked in spirituality. Today, let us feel this spiritual vibe.

1. Shree Krishna Janmabhoomi Temple – Heart of Mathura

Mathura was an abode of Lord Krishna, so let’s start off by his birthplace known as ‘Shree Krishna Janmabhoomi Temple’. Shree Krishna Janmabhoomi Temple is the heart of Mathura and is always thronged by the devotees. The temple has an awful history of its destruction by the Muslim rulers but it stood the test of time and passed through every onslaught of nature, and brutal invaders. Thanks to the Hindu rulers who rebuilt it again and again.

Shri Krishna Janambhoomi

After independence in 1965, a splendid temple was constructed in that same place with the help of remnants. Since Shree Krishna Janmabhoomi Temple is a newly built temple, its architectural brilliance gives another reason to the tourists to visit the temple.

Must-do thing: Seek the blessing of Lord Krishnaand spend some calm moments.

2. Dwarkadhish Temple – Architectural Splendor

Known for its peculiar architecture adorned with astonishing painting and carvings, Dwarkadhish Temple is a five-storied grand temple supported by the 73 robust pillars. The temple is home to a 2.25 feet large idol of Lord Krishna and Goddess Radha.  For an interesting fact, Krishna Ji is depicted without flute in his hands and peacock features in his crown in this idol, rather he is shown carrying a mace, Sudharshan Chakra, a conch, and a lotus flower in his all four hands. This is one of the most opted places to visit in Mathura.

Must-do thing:  Behold this architectural piece and capture some snaps.

3. Govardhan Hill – Feel the Vibes of Krishna

Located 22 km from Mathura, Govardhan Hill is an ideal place for the peace seekers. Standing 88 feet high, Govardhan Hill recounts the legends that had happened 5000 years ago. It is extremely terrain area but the devotion of some devotees is to the extent that they do 23 km long round (Parikrama) barefoot.

Must-do thing:  Perform Govrdhan Parikrama and worship the hill.

4. Nidhivan Vrindavan – Krishna Visits this Place Everyday!

If you want to feel the presence of Lord Krishna around you, visit Vrindavan. It is still said that in Nidhivan Vrindavan, the place where Shree Krishna performed Ras-Lila, is miraculous and the spirituality of God is still there. The trees of Vrindavan are still believed to be engraved with the words ‘Radhe Radhe’. Don’t these enthralling tales draw you into the ocean of curiosity? Then, what you’re waiting for? Pack your bags. Needless to say, Vrindavan is the holiest and most peaceful place to visit in Mathura.

Nidhivan Vrindavan

What to do: Visit famous temples and dine out at Shri Govinda Restaurant.

5. Kusum Sarovar – Where Radha Met Krishna

This is a ‘must visit’ destination of your list of places to visit in Mathura. Located 26 from Mathura, Kusum Sarovar is yet another intriguing spot from Mathura. Kusum Saruvar is actually a 450-feet-long and 60-feet-deep tank, which traces its existence since the times of Lord Krishna. It is said to be the meeting place of Shree Krishna and Radha. The stunning structures around the tank increase the allure of Kusum Sarovar million times more. There are 3 marvelously built tombs in the upper level of tanks.

The interior design and the embellishment of these tombs are so fascinating that they leave everybody astonished

Must-do thing:  Go for the swimming and feel the serenity of this place.

6. Vishram Ghat – Krishna rested here!

Vishram Ghat

Vishram Ghat is one of 25 Ghats of the Yamuna in Mathura. According to mythology, it is the place where Shree Krishna rested after killing Kansa. Owing to that, taking a bath in Vishram Ghat is believed pious. Apart from mythological story, Vishram Ghat also holds such a high significance because from here only, the traditional ‘Parikrama’ of Mathura starts. Evening Aarti is the must-attend event in Vishram Ghat.  At this time, the Yamuna River glitters with floating lit Diyas creating a breath-taking view of glistening lights.

Must-do thing: Attend Ganga Aarti event and flow a lit Diya in the river.

7. Prem Mandir Vrindavan – Where Spirituality Prevails

It is named Prem Mandir to celebrate the real love of Radha and Krishna. Built on a sprawling 55 acres land, this temple should certainly find a place in your list of places to visit in Mathura. The temple is dedicated to Radha Krishna on the first level and Rama Sita on the second level. The main attraction of the temple is the carvings on the outer wall depicting the story of Radha and Krishna, which can be seen while making a ‘parikrama’. The huge Bhajan Mandir which is pillarless despite being 73000 sq. ft is an architectural marvel. The garden around the place is very well maintained, consisting of water fountains and colorful plants.

prem mandir vrindavan
Outside view of Prem mandir Vrindavan

Must-do-things: Enjoy the spiritual vibes in the temple, meditate for some time. Enjoy the vibrant nature and feel the presence of Krishna.

Places to visit in Mathura – Dealing with Guides

There are a lot of religious places to visit in Mathura because of which there are a lot of guides operating in this place. Here, the tour guides and the priests might scam you in the name of donation. The chances are very low, though. Still, you should be careful. Don’t pay a big amount of money anywhere. If you are willing to donate some money, directly put it in the donation box. Also, don’t give extra to the tour guides. The usual charge is 20-50 INR per place.

Best time to visit Mathura

If you talk about the charisma of this city, it remains fully fledged throughout the year. Be it summer, winter, or rainy season, Mathura never goes drab.  So you can visit mathura anytime you wish.

How to reach Mathura

Its proximity to the national capital makes it easily accessible throughout the country. And the other reason for its well-connected transportation is the city’s its own enigmatic charm which entices every visitor who comes to visit Agra and Delhi.

Mathura has its own railway station, which is a junction and a stopover of almost every train going via the station. However, the city doesn’t have its own airport. If you’re going by air, Agra airport is the best possibility.

During the peak seasons like Krishna Janmasthmi, the Mathura railway even offers some special trains. I don’t think I need to talk about the road network of Mathura. After all, it is a neighboring city of the national capital.

If Mathura intrigues you to explore the birthplaces of Lords in India, you need to have a look at  places to visit in Ayodhya, the birthplace of Lord Shree Ram.

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