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5 Iconic Breads Around The World You Must Try

Mouthwatering bread types

Mouthwatering bread types

Mouthwatering bread types

Say bread and the first thing that comes to your mind is a fluffy loaf with white spongy interiors and a golden-brown crust. But the beauty of this humble accompaniment lies in its versatility, a trait that comes out when considering the traditional forms of bread in different countries. Wheat bread loaves, soft dinner rolls, spongy buns, crunchy-soft pretzels– there are so many forms of bread that are just waiting to be tried out.

The world is a delight for a bread lover, since there are different textures, crumbs, and tastes to be enjoyed and relished. Some bread types have grown to become iconic, representative of the spirit of the country in a single bread basket. If a bite of a freshly-baked bread makes you feel like you’re on cloud 9, be sure to check these off your list:

Challah : The braided bread from Jews 

Jewish Festive Bread

Jewish Festive Bread

This stunning braided bread is among the festive bread in Jewish cuisine, served on ceremonial occasions such as the Shabbat and other major Jewish holidays. Gently-sweetened, and baked to golden-brown perfection, the Challah is served to commemorate the manna that fell from the skies to feed the Jews during their exodus from Egypt. Raisins gently fold into the dough, and the bread is topped off sesame or poppy seeds. These are best eaten at restaurants offering authentic Jewish cuisines

Parotta : Amazing bread from South India

India is a melting pot of so many cultures that it becomes impossible to have that one signature bread. Just like Naan is popular in North India, Parotta is a deliciously flaky flatbread that has a huge fan following in the country. They are often served with rich, flavorful gravies like kormas and saalna. One can get Parotta at their nearest South Indian restaurant. However, Modern Foods, one of the best bread brands in India, also make ready-to-eat wheat and whole wheat Parottas for those looking for a quick fix solution for their Parotta cravings

Bretzel : Combination of many flavours

You may know this popular bread in its better-known name of pretzel. While associated with big street food, Pretzel is absolutely scrumptious. There are several varieties of pretzels – sweet, savory, cheesy, chocolate coated, seasoned, nutty-with the most popular ones being soft Pretzels, best consumed immediately and hard-baked pretzels that can last for days.

Pão de Queijo : Cheese buns from Brazil

These are mini cheese buns native to Brazil and are also found in many South American countries. Made with either cassava or corn flour, pao de queijo finds a lot of favor during the family gathering and parties since it is gluten-free. Eggs act as the leavening agent for this mixture, adding a wonderful lightness to the bun’s texture.

Baguette : One of the world’s most loved bread 

Easily one of the most iconic bread in the world, the baguette is identified as a thin, long stick of wheat bread with slits in the top crust. Crispy golden exteriors and soft fluffy interiors, this bread doubles up as a perfect companion to jam and butter, combining the best of crunch and feathery texture to make for a perfect breakfast, lunch accompaniment or a tea time snack.

The love for bread is universal as is evidenced by the innovations and creativity with designs, textures, and raw materials used. Be sure to try out these loaves of bread at least once in your lifetime!

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