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5 bazaars in Jaipur to Shop for Rajasthani Handicrafts

Bapu Bazar, Jaipur

The legacy of a rich Rajasthani culture that promises everything from beauty, dignity to style, is well established in Jaipur, the Pink City of Rajasthan. The Rich Indian culture has evolved over the centuries now and only a few places in the entire nation have retained its aura over the decades. Among all such places, Jaipur is well known for the production and export of beautiful designs of ancient Indian handicrafts.


Jaipur is truly a shopper’s paradise. With a phenomenal range of fascinating Jaipur handicrafts, jewelry, textile materials, exotic pottery, gemstones and dyed fabrics available, shopping in Jaipur is almost irresistible. Adding to it, the capital city of Rajasthan has both the high-end shopping malls and local bazaars that contributes towards making it one of the most visiting and shopping destination of India. The breathtaking beauty of this city and a variety of amazing experience will leave you all awestruck.

Jaipur’s local markets are the real charm for avid bargain hunters where they can have the best shopping deals. Haggle over the prices here until you get the best deal since usually products are overrated here. So when you are in Jaipur, it is always recommended to head over to these local markets for the amazing handicraft products at the best prices.

Listed here are the best bazaars in Jaipur for shopping!

Johari Bazaar:

johari bazaar jaipur

The oldest and quintessential representation of Rajasthan’s Pink city, Johari Bazaar is mostly renowned for Jaipuri jewelry made of Gold, Silver, Diamond and other precious stones. So if you are in search of some exquisite jewelry, then this place will surely amaze you. The smaller lanes have innumerable shops selling vibrantly colorful printed shirts, sarees and lehengas are another major attraction of Johari Bazaar. This old market has a blend of fixed price showrooms and street shops where bargaining is the key mantra to get a fair price.

Tripolia Bazaar:

Are you in Jaipur and looking for a shopping extravaganza? Well, Tripolia is considered as the main street market of Jaipur located between Manak Chowk and Choti Chopar. The bazaar has a traditional charm that will melt your heart. Even when you are not in a shopping mood, you can simply have a walk around the street to soak into the cultural wealth of the city. Maniharon ka Rasta is the main attraction point of this bazaar which is famous for stunning lac jewelry, a trademark of Rajasthan.

Bapu Bazaar:

bapu bazzar jaipur

The third on the list is Bapu Bazaar. Owing to its vivaciousness and myriad of Rajasthani handmade products Bapur bazaar has emerged as one of the best shopping destinations in Jaipur. Leather products and mojaris are among the top-selling products of this shopping street.

Eye catching hand-crafted dresses

Eye catching hand-crafted dresses

Here you can find a variety of Rajasthani textile patterns including designer shirts, sarees, lehengas, perfumes, sandstones, marble carvings and other handicraft items.

Bapu Bazaar is certainly the best place to capture some precious moments of your Jaipur tour. Also, don’t forget to taste kulfi faluda here.


Nehru Bazaar:

The traditionally built market, Nehru Bazaar is widely popular for readymade garments, household items, footwear, bags, and gifts. The small shops of this market have the biggest demonstration of Rajasthani handicrafts. Nehru Bazaar is a vibrant and colorful market where you can find everything from textiles to perfumes to Rajasthani jootis and trinkets. Another trademark of Rajasthan, the blue pottery is also famous here. So take a quick trip to this local bazaar and take back beautiful souvenirs for your friends and family.

Sikar House:

Colourful Jaipuri bedsheets

Sikar House is one of the main hubs of Rajasthani printed fabrics and also known as the “Haaji Market”. Here you will find shops full of varieties ranging from printed bed sheets, handmade bed sheets, colorful kurtis, and shirts. Here you need to have a good grip on your bargaining skills and you can get anything at very affordable prices.

So let your shopaholic soul live a bit and go crazy with the wonderful range of Rajasthani products. I am sure a shopping trip to Jaipur will add more colors and varieties in your wardrobe.


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