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Jaipur – The Capital of Glorious Rajput Dynasty

Travel • One Comment

Jaipur at present is the capital of Rajasthan and remember Rajasthan is the biggest state in India. From time immemorial, Rajasthan,...

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Darjeeling Tour Beckons to Soothe Your Mind and Body

Travel • 5 Comments

Unless one has been to Darjeeling himself, it is quite hard to imagine that such a grand town can actually exist in the busy state of West...

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Indian Prawn Karahi- Scrumptious and Healthy dish


Indian Prawn Karahi People all over the world have now, appreciated the significance of a healthy lifestyle. People urge to find and adopt...

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Chikankari Cotton – Catchy and Cool

Products • One Comment

Cotton dresses and sarees are known for elegance and simplicity. Cotton, though simple, gives a rich look to the wearer. This is more true...

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Simple yet Tasty : Lemon Rice

Recipes • One Comment

Coming home after a hectic day at the office, nobody will be interested in cooking elaborate dishes. A quick, tasty yet healthy dish is...

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Crispy Rava Bonda for a Rainy Evening

Recipes • 2 Comments

Snacks are everybody’s favorite. Be it Panipuri or Samosa or Bhel Puri or Pav Bhaji or Rava bonda, everybody loves munching them,...

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A Patriot who Lived up to his Word – Chandrashekar Azad

Great Indians

Smt. Jagrani Devi, mother of Chandrashekar wanted him to be a Sanskrit Scholar. She wanted him to study Sanskrit at Banaras Hindu...

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Masala Dosa Recipe – South Indian Style

Recipes • 6 Comments

Masala Dosa is the hot favorite South Indians. It is preferred for breakfast but fits into the plate at any time of the day. Crispy...

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