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John Allen Chau’s Futile Try to Reach Sentinels’ Tribes!

John Allen Chau - A Purpose Killed

John Allen Chau - A Purpose Killed

John Allen Chau – A Purpose Killed

Yes, there was another futile try by an American Journalist to get friendly with Sentinel’s tribal people. This is not the first time and this may not be the last. People are trying to bring them out of their dark life and introduce them to the regular world. No success is seen yet.

John Allen Chau’ Story

John Allen Chau is an American citizen, ventured to visit and talk to these tribal people. John, 26 never felt it was risky. His aim was to introduce Jesus Christ to these people and bring them out to the world’s mainstream. Though visiting this tribal area is banned, he somehow managed to take the help of fisherman and reach the place. All the information about John are based on the words of Fisherman and they have revealed that they saw an arrow being shot at by a small boy which was aimed at John. They also confirmed that they saw the body of John being buried near the beach on Friday 16th November 2018. But some people still hope that John might have escaped and still alive!

Sentinel Tribes – Dangerous?

Identified as the most dangerous tribe, Sentinel tribes do not like any outsiders to enter their jurisdiction and get violent at the sight of anybody and mercilessly kill them. They are one among the four Andaman and Nicobar Island tribes.  They live in dark and half naked away from all the developments the world is seeing. The amazing fact is they are fabulous archers and have the ability to even destroy a helicopter. It is a known fact that they attack the trespassers and kills them. There is no way one can establish communication with them. Not much information about the number of people, their food habits, their living style are known to the world. The only fact known to the world, about these tribes is that they do not want to be disturbed and go to the extent of killing if disturbed. (Read more: The Tribes of Andaman and Nicobar Islands … https://www.realbharat.org/tribes-andaman-nicobar-islands/)

It is not that John did not know this. He knew very well that his life was at risk. He had tried earlier also to visit this place. He had expressed his desire to reach them and preach them about Jesus Christ. He had taken them gifts in a hope that it will make them subtle. But nothing could convince the Sentinels to get friendly!

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